Muck-Truck Power Wheelbarrows

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Muck-Truck Power Wheelbarrows

Postby curbitdesign » Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:46 am

I have been doing landscape curbing since 2008 and have used Muck-Truck power buggys for 6 years to move sod up ramps into dump truck and haul concrete from mixer to my gt1000 extruder. I am now the Muck-Truck dealer for the Midwest based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. These have been the best investment for my curbing company. Cut your prep. time in half and your crew will not be tired before they start pouring. We now take on jobs doing decorative rock/mulch behind the curb hauling with the MAX truck loaded 800lbs up a steep hill with ease. These do not tear up the well manicured lawns and now have dual front tires for stopping on side hills.
We have the best shipped price in the U.S. and also a couple used units available.
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