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CAS 150 Cure and Seal – 5 gal. SLR-CAS5


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CAS 150 is a water based cure and seal product designed to serve as a concrete curing membrane, a concrete sealer, and a dust proofer.

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CAS 150 is a breathable sealer that provides a satin or finish to a multitude of interior & exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. CAS 150 is formulated with a high grade acrylic resin that is non-yellowing and durable. The addition of a modified colloidal silica sets this product apart by providing much increased abrasion resistance, reduced surface porosity, and resistance to winter weather chemicals such as salt and other de-icing materials. CAS is the most economical Cure and Seal you can buy.

It can be applied to green concrete and will provide all the moisture retention properties of traditional ASTM C1315 curing products but without the overloading of inexpensive acrylics required for that rating that are the cause of many sealer problems. This unique formulation provides the most protection of any related sealer in its class. CAS 150 exhibits a natural low sheen appearance and can be applied by sprayer or roller.


  • Low VOC, water based product.
  • Water clean-up
  • Non-yellow
  • Easy application
  • Drys quickly
  • Excellent surface protection from common elements.
  • 5 gallon pail

Price break at 36 count pallet
Also available in drums