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Concrete Integral Color


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Integral color is very traditional and is simply adding a pigment to the concrete as it is mixing, either in the redi-mix truck or by hand.

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It is often referred to as concrete dye, though is not a dye at all. It infuses color all the way thru the material and produces long lasting fade resistant color, so this is often a choice for slabs that will be subject to a lot of traffic and abuse as chips are not as noticeable. Integral color often provides the “background” color for the contrasting colors of Accent release, Antiquing agents, or concrete stains. Walttools Tru Hue colors are very potent and provide a variety of colors to match most environments. Walttools Tru Hue Integral color is packaged in convenient repulpable paper (dissolvable) bags and are added into the redi-mix concrete truck based on the number of yards being poured.

With integrally colored concrete, the entire batch of concrete is colored thus future chips and abrasion will not expose a stark white as when using a surface color method. The Tru Hue color palette is a variety of earth tones that will blend will any landscape design or integrated architectural colors.

Most colors are based on a ONE bag per yard scale. Colors that may require more than one bag per yard are identified in the description and those orders are filled accordingly.


  • Pre-packed Tru Hue integral colors are conveniently packaged in one bag per cubic yard “repulpable” paper bags for easy addition to ready mixed concrete. In addition to ready mixed concrete, Tru Hue Concrete Color is widely used in various concrete applications starting with decorative concrete flatwork as well as concrete countertops, pre-cast, tilt-up panels, mortar, architectural concrete block, stucco, cast stone and many others.
  • This integral color is made from pure natural and synthetic metal oxide pigments and contain no fillers or extenders, which are often used by some companies to increase weight thus your price.
  • Easy to order, just purchase one unit* for each cubic yard of concrete, the weighing has been done for you!
  • Color temperatures of computer monitor vary. Various concrete finishing factors may result in variation of end result.
  • Bulk prices also available. Just call.

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Wheat, Walnut, Utility Red, Terra Cotta, Sunset Rose, Straw, Sandalwwod, Sage, Rose, Red Mountain, Pewter, Old brick, Moss, Mohave Sun, Mocha, Mesa, Limestone, Khaki, Greystone, Dove, Desert, Dark Wheat, Dark Brownstone, Copper, Cocoa, Char Green, Charcoal, Canyon Rust, Cahaba, Brownstone, Bronze, Brick, Bluestone