Concrete Sealers


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Concrete Sealers are designed to protect the concrete by leaving some type of film on the surface.

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They are typically solvent based or water based and can leave varying degrees of shine. For general protection purposes outdoors a solvent based sealer is more common whereas for interior, the fumes coming from a solvent sealer are not desirable thus a water based sealer is usually preferred indoors. Each sealer has its own unique characteristics, unfortunately there is not a magic concrete sealer protector that covers the needs of every situation. Sealers for concrete are typically used to seal driveways, patios, walks, garage floors, warehouses, basement floors, retail/ commercial flooring areas, or even brick pavers and natural stone.

Concrete sealers are typically easy to apply using a sprayer and or brushes and rollers. Sealers for driveways, patios or walks can be glossy or matte finish depending on desire. Typically Tru-grip is used in conjunction with many sealer applications to reduce the slip factor involved with many concrete sealing projects. Each of the various concrete sealant products have videos, technical data, and pictures to answer many questions you might have. Otherwise, contact our knowledgeable customer service team at 888-263-5895. They can help you choose the right concrete waterproofing, concrete sealing or concrete coating product for your application.