Built by a pro, for a pro.

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Designed to be the most durable, easiest to drive, longest lasting, strongest and tightest packing machine on the planet, this machine has it all. With its slick swing arm technology, slip form molds, sharp turns and ideal weight for easy maneuvering, the HARPTEN has an edge on all other curb machines and will make you a better curber.

Built by a pro, for a pro.


  • No Slipform needed for the Harpten.
  • Moveable steering handle for left & right Side Operations.
  • Convenient carrying handle for easiest movement.
  • Best plunger design for steel cable.
  • Anti-slip belt system.
  • Easy grip handles for comfort.
  • 24″ rear sliding plate.
  • The Harpten flip over Jack adjuster’s to keep you out of tight spots.
  • Tightest Compaction on the market leaving virtualy a void free curb.
  • The industry leading Harpten is the lowest Center Gravity Curb Machine in the Business.
  • The Harpten has the widest wheel base of 18″
  • Powerfull – 74 HP Honda 6x 120 ECO TEC Engine
  • ONLY LinkArm Motion Plunger in the Industry
  • Non Problematic Track & Trolley under Plunger
  • Protected Link Arm positioned in the machine Vs Down by concrete.
  • Fully Powder Coated Finish
  • Reversable Mold’s
  • Quick Release mold system which eliminates the need for bolts.

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